New Student Enrollment

Mon, 06/11/2018 - 8:59am
Student registration is now available online. If your student is new to the Howard County School System and you would like to register your student online, click here
NOTE: If you are coming from out of the country and need to register, please call the International Office – (410) 313-1525 or (410) 313-7102 – do not register online.
If you are enrolling from another HCPSS school and need to bring in proof of residency, please either email: or call (410) 313-2512. Ms. Wagner will call you back the next time she is in the office to schedule the appointment. Email may be the quickest way to reach her. 
To automatically download complete instructions, click here. PDF icon Online Registration Instruction Sheet.pdf
o Parent/guardian identification
o Lease or deed
o Utility bill
o Student evidence of birth
o Proof of parental/guardian relationship
o Proof of immunizations
o Special Education or related services documents (if applicable)
Once you have completed the online process, you will be contacted to set up a time to come in and complete the enrollment either by email or phone call. At your appointment, you will need to provide any document you did not upload ahead of time, and most importantly, your photo ID. You will need to complete a health survey form, request for records form and also a Gifted & Talented Testing Form should you wish you have your child tested.
Any family who does not have access to a computer may make an appointment with Connie Wagner by contacting her via e-mail at or (410) 313-2512 and leave a message on the machine. Please note Ms. Wagner will be in contact as soon as possible, but unfortunately, she is only here on certain days in the summer. Ms. Wagner checks emails from home, so please reach out via email as well.