Gifted and Talented Education

Welcome to the Gifted and Talented Program!

Goals of the Gifted & Talented Program

  • To offer a rigorous program which delivers subject content that is accelerated and enriched to advanced-level learners
  • To use instructional strategies which are modified to meet the unique needs of highly able students
  • To increase the variety and quality of student products

GT Program Courses — Math, Science, Social Studies, English

Curriculum and instruction in GT classes will be differentiated to meet the needs of advanced learners.

  • Content differentiation, or what students learn, will be more in-depth, require more prior knowledge, and instruction will be faster paced
  • Process differentiation, or how students learn, will require that students complete more independent background reading and participate more frequently in analytical and evaluative activities
  • Product differentiation, or demonstrating what students have learned, will require that students complete higher level and more in-depth products to show their mastery of the curriculum

The Gifted & Talented Program offers four content courses. These courses are both accelerated and enriched. Detailed information about the Middle School Gifted and Talented Curriculum can be found at this link.

Identification for GT Classes (Only Students NEW to HCPSS)

Students who are new to Howard County will be tested, if requested, when enrolled at Burleigh Manor. Parents may request GT testing at the time of registration by emailing the school's GT Resource Teacher, Ms. Robyn Page, at

Placement Reviews Following Testing Results

Identification for GT classes may, under certain circumstances, involve a placement review. Parents of students who do not qualify for GT content classes through testing may request a placement review. Placement reviews may be requested only after test results have been delivered to parents. Students for whom a review is requested should give evidence in their current course, through superior work and class participation, that they use outstanding abstract reasoning skills to construct thorough and well developed responses in written assignments, projects, and discussions — over and above what is expected of on-grade-level students. A written request for a placement review must be emailed or submitted to Ms. Page within 2 weeks of receiving the test results.

Students who are selected for GT placement will have work samples that demonstrate that they use advanced level abstract reasoning skills in the subject; that they understand at an advanced level the relationships between the concepts presented in the materials; and that in evaluating and interpreting the material, they take a position which is supported by facts and information from the text they have read.

GT Instructional Seminars

GT Instructional Seminars are designed to extend student interests. Students develop a broad range of advanced-level skills in an area of their choosing. G/T Instructional Seminars offer enrichment opportunities for any interested student, regardless of participation in G/T content classes.

Participating students will be provided with a schedule in advance of their seminar meeting times so that they can plan to attend the meetings. Students who participate in a band, chorus, or orchestra sectional may enroll in one GT Instructional Seminar. Students who do not participate in a music sectional may enroll in up to two GT Instructional Seminars.

In September, students were notified via the Bobcat News and their Canvas Lunch course on how to enroll in GT Instructional Seminars; parents were notified on BMMS Alerts.

Questions regarding G/T Instructional Seminars should be directed to the school’s G/T Resource Teacher, Ms. Robyn Page, at

2021-22 BMMS G/T Instructional Seminar Offerings

(Registration for these seminars is closed.)

Book Club - Book Club is for students who love to read and discuss challenging books.  Participants will read 8 exciting and thought-provoking books, then meet once a month to share their ideas with the Club. BMMS Book Club Seminar members may also participate in the Howard County Middle School Book Club monthly virtual discussions.

Debate - Debate Seminar provides students with the opportunity to engage in meaningful, persuasive discourse about contemporary issues, thereby strengthening their leadership, critical thinking, and presentation skills. Students use research skills to develop logical arguments supported with evidence to be applied to debates following a prescribed format.

Future City - In the Future City Seminar, students will work in engineering teams to "imagine, research, and design cities of the future". This year’s challenge is to design and build a Waste-free City, so those of you interested in environmental issues - this one’s for you, too!

Model United Nations - Students interested in learning about world politics, diplomacy, research, and public speaking should join the Model United Nations (MUN) G/T Instructional Seminar.

Stock Market Game - Students participating in the Stock Market Game Seminar will compete with a team to invest in the Stock Market in real-time (with fake money!) while learning about economics, investing, and personal finance.

Television Production - Television Production Seminar students are asked to think and work like media producers, utilizing the media production process and industry-standard tools to entertain, persuade, inform, and instruct. The broadcast serves as an example of a high-quality product wherein students emulate practicing professionals in the field. Students who register will be trained for tech crew positions, as producers, or as special segment reporters.

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The school's GT Resource Teacher, Ms. Page, can be reached at or by calling 410-313-2507.