Information and Tech Help 20/21

Mon, 09/07/2020 - 11:38pm

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  • Google Meet Information and Codes
  • Student Schedule Reminder
  • Technology Assistance
  • Expectations for Virtual Learning


How do I access a Google Meet?

If you need help accessing a Google Meet:

  • Make sure you are logged on to with HCPSS credentials. You cannot access Google Meets from any other account.
  • Navigate to Google Meets page
  • Enter the code for your class
  • Click join


How do I figure out the Google Meet codes for my  classes?

All Google Meet codes are posted on Canvas for students on the Calendar for the course, and on the homepage for the course.

Directions for accessing the Google Meet are in the calendar for each course, with the direct link that students can click.

If you have trouble finding the code for a class, the formula for each class’ Google Meet code is the same:  our school’s initials (BMMS), followed by the teacher's first initial and last name, followed by the class period. For example, for Mr. Lidgard’s period 1 class, the Google Meet code would look like this:  BMMS-Lidgard-pd1.  For Ms. Carmean’s period 3 class, the Google Meet code would look like this:  BMMS-tcarmean-pd3.


What is the Google Meet code for a support period?

The support periods will use the same Google Meet code as the class period. For example, the period 2 support class will have the same Google Meet code as the period 2 class.


The schedule for the first day can be found here.

This schedule is editable, so please feel free to make a copy and use it!

Student Sample Schedule


Need help? 

Forgot your user name? Visit 

Need help navigating Canvas or Synergy? Visit 

Can’t find what you are looking for and need further assistance? Complete the BMMS Technology Help Form and a representative from our school will be in touch with you as soon as possible. 


Virtual Learning Expectations for Students

Be Present

  • Attend Google Meet and be on time.
  • Manage distractions for yourself and others.
  • Turn on your microphone to contribute and when called on.

Be Open

  • Consider turning on your camera whenever possible. 
  • Think about posting a picture of yourself as your avatar. 
  • Ask questions, answer questions, take risks.
  • Ask for help when you need it, and offer help when others need it.

Be Kind

  • Listen to the experiences, ideas, and perspectives of others and seek to understand.
  • Monitor your tone; remember how different things can sound in writing.
  • Think before you post.


Google Meet Expectations


  • Mute your mic whenever you are not speaking.
  • Type present into the chat area when you enter the meet for attendance purposes.
  • Use the chat to ask questions and/or contribute, per the classroom rules. Chat rooms should not be used for side conversations.
  • Follow the student code of conduct, as outlined in the Student Handbook and behave in a way consistent with our expectations when we are in a school building.
    • ​Adhere to HCPSS Policy 8080 Responsible Use Technology and Social Media and other relevant HCPSS policies
    • Inappropriate/offensive/threatening comments, misrepresentation of identity, and/or disruptive participants (invited or uninvited) during Google Meet sessions will not be tolerated.
    • Sharing login information violates the confidentiality rights of other students and places them at risk of having to witness disruptive behaviors from students who are not members of the class or school community. 
    • Students who are disruptive and/or “trespass” Google Meet sessions will be immediately reported to administration and will receive appropriate consequences in accordance with the HCPSS Code of Conduct.  Consequences may result in temporary or permanent loss of technology access, which will also result in a student's inability to participate in Google Meet sessions; arrangement for receiving instruction and assignments will be established by administration communicated and arranged with parents.

Additional information can be found in the  Safety Measures During the Google Meet Session on 20-21 HCPSS Virtual Teaching and Learning Page