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  • Quarter One Report Cards
  • MAP Scores
  • American Education Week
  • Parent-Teacher Conferences
  • Device Update
  • Great Burleigh Bake-off
  • BMMS PTA News
  • Microaggression Presentation for CLES & BMMS Parents
  • Homewood’s 17th Annual Treasure Sale
  • Community Notices


On this Veterans Day and Remembrance Day,  we honor and give thanks to our veterans. Thank you today, and every day, to all those who serve and have served their country. 

Quarter One Report Cards
The 2020-2021 Quarter One report cards will be available online via Synergy beginning at 4 pm on Monday, November 16. These directions will help you access the report card. 
MAP Scores
MAP Reports are here

Your student’s MAP report from the Fall 2020 administration has been uploaded to parent connect. You will find the report in the same location where report cards are posted. Click here for directions on how to access the MAP report for your student.  Below are some answers to some frequently asked questions:

  • My child did not participate in the assessment, why do they have a home report?
    • MAP generates a home report for all rostered students. The report will contain their most recent scores.
  • When I look at older home reports, the percentiles do not match this new report, why is that happening?
    • NWEA conducts norming studies that improve the accuracy of growth predictions and update percentile ranks. The most recent norming study was released in 2020 and updated those historical percentiles. The overall RIT score stays the same, but the percentile may change by a few points.
  • Why is the growth prediction for winter instead of spring?
    • Depending on state testing overlap, we may use just the winter or spring administration. Testing for spring will be heavily dependent on which instructional model is used at that time.

If you have any questions related to the MAP assessment your student took this fall please reach out to Tiffany Carmean, Assistant Principal,

American Education Week
American Education Week is November 16-20
We look forward to celebrating American Education Week with our community! 
This year, more than ever, we celebrate the bonds that strengthen our educational system. We appreciate our educators, students, and families, and the unity that our community has shown in these extraordinary times. Please join us in sending thanks, celebration, appreciation, and kudos to those who make #OneBurleigh an amazing community to learn and to teach.
Students- show your appreciation and thanks to the teachers and paraprofessionals and the parents, guardians, older siblings, and/or other relatives who are a part of your circle and support you in your education! 
Parents- show your appreciation and thanks to your child and your child's teachers and paraprofessionals! 
Educators- shout out your appreciation to your students, the families of your students, and all of those that support us as we educate the future at #OneBurleigh! 
Appreciation, thanks, kudos, encouragement, can be posted on our Virtual Padlet Wall.
Please join us for these events as well:
Tuesday: Join your child in a class today! 
Wednesday: At 1:00 PM, Join our administration for lunch and conversation at  the Google Meet Code: BMMSLunch.
Thursday: Join your child in a class today!
Parent-Teacher Conferences

Mark your Calendars: Parent-Teacher Conferences are coming up!

Conferences will be held on:


Monday, November 23rd
12:45 pm - 7:00 pm
Tuesday, November 24th
12:45 pm - 7:00 pm
Wednesday, November 25th
8:00 am - 3:00 am

Please note that you are not required to sign up for a conference during this conference window. If you do not have specific concerns about your child’s progress in learning and grade in the class, please leave conference spots open for those families who have children struggling at this time. 

If you do have concerns about your child’s progress in any class at this time, we encourage you to sign up for a conference with the teacher(s) of that subject. Additionally, please note that we can hold conferences outside of this window should a concern arise at a later date. Throughout the year, if you have concerns about your child’s progress, please call or email your child’s teacher or our student counseling center to schedule a meeting. If you need assistance scheduling conferences, please call Connie Wagner at  

In order to facilitate conference scheduling, we ask that you adhere to the following windows:

Friday, November 13

  • Conference registration for parents/guardians of any student who has a D or an E in the class

Wednesday, November 18

  • Conference registration for parents/guardians of any student who has a C or below in the class

Thursday, November 19

  • Conference registration opens for all

Conference registration closes Friday, November 20. 

Please limit your conferences to 2 conferences per student. We will contact you to cancel conferences if more than two conferences have been scheduled for a student, so that other parents may have the opportunity to participate in conferences during this window.

You may log in to HCPSS Connect to schedule parent-teacher conferences once the scheduling window is open. Please use the following link for detailed directions:

Device Update

We are hearing reports from our teachers that an increasing number of students are joining their classes via phone or tablet. Please be aware that students are not able to access many of our digital tools that are used during class when they are on a phone or tablet. We encourage any family using a phone or tablet to please submit a request for an HCPSS device. You can request a device by submitting your request through HCPSS Connect.

To identify your need for a computer or internet:

  1. Parents/guardians should log in to HCPSS Connect.
  2. From the left menu, last choice, select “More Options” then choose “Student Technology” from the center of the screen.
  3. On the HCPSS Student Technology screen, use the drop down arrows to indicate the Technology Requested for each student. Changes are saved immediately.
  4. If a device has already been issued, it will appear in the inventory list. If a student already has a device issued, a new request will not be processed.
  5. Families will receive a confirmation email with necessary information, including pickup location, date and time.

You can also email

More information about device requests can be found on the HCPSS Website.


Great Burleigh Bake-off

The SGA is hosting our first ever GBB, Great Burleigh Bake-off, in the month of November.
Please see the attachment and links below for more information
GBB Flyer  
GBB Rules & Guidelines Google Doc. Website
GBB Recipe Card Blank




BMMS PTA Board of Directors Meeting
PTA Board of Directors please check your email/Google Group. Board of Directors meeting next Monday 11/16 at 7 pm (via Zoom).  Committees will provide reports or updates. 
Our first Restaurant Night of the year is Wednesday, November 18th!
It will be all day from 11AM-8PM at
Chatham Station Shopping Center
9120 Baltimore National Pike 
Ellicott City, MD 21042

They will accept both take out and eat in orders as well as orders through GrubHub and Door Dash! When ordering by phone or in person, please let them know you are ordering for the BMMS fundraiser and if ordering through GrubHub or Door Dash for delivery, please indicate that it's for BMMS in the special remarks section before placing the order. Questions? Please e-mail Jen Kim ( or Cindy Lin ( with any questions. 
Reflections 2020
The PTA Reflections Program is back this year!  Reflections is a nationwide PTA-sponsored program that encourages students to explore the arts and express their creativity by reflecting on a specific theme.  This year’s theme is: “I Matter Because.”
Please encourage your child to create an original piece of art interpreting this theme in one or more of the following categories:
·       dance choreography
·       film production
·       literature
·       musical composition
·       photography
·       visual arts (including 3D Art)
·       Students with disabilities may participate in the Special Artist Division
The deadline for submissions is Wednesday, November 18, 2020.  Please email the entry forms along with actual artwork entries to  Questions?  Email Bridget Littlefield at  For all the entry details, please see the attached Reflections Program form .



Microaggression Presentation for CLES & BMMS Parents

Presenter: Dr. Kevin Gilbert, Director of Diversity, Equity and Inclusion

Tuesday, December 1⋅6:30 – 7:30pm
Google Meet limited to 200 guests from the Centennial Lane and Burleigh Manor Community
RSVP to receive the Google Meet code/link information

What is a Microaggression?  
A microaggression is a statement, action, or incident regarded as an instance of indirect, subtle, or unintentional discrimination against members of a marginalized group such as a racial or ethnic minority.  It is an indirect, subtle, or unintentional discrimination against members of a marginalized group. 
Join the BMMS and CLES communities so we can learn and grow, as we continue on our journey towards unity and belongingness. 
Please RSVP using the link below to receive the code the day before the event.
RSVP soon to secure your spot for this very important event!

Homewood’s 17th Annual Treasure Sale

More than 60% of Homewood's alternative education students qualify for Free and Reduced Meals and we do not have a PTA. We need new items to stock our socially distant Treasure Sale so our kids can choose holiday gifts for their loved ones. Thank you for helping our #HomewoodFamily!
This year we need our friends, families, and community more than ever. We have a goal to collect over 1,000 new items using the Homewood Treasure Sale Wish List. Amazon will ship your donation directly to the Homewood Center. Thank you for looking at our list and making this a special December for a young person in need.
Homewood Treasure Sale Wish List:


Community Notices

Please visit the Community News and Programs page at for announcements of upcoming events and programs sponsored by non-profit organizations.



Early Dismissal Day: 

Friday, October 16, 2020

Please refer to the following early dismissal day scheduled for Friday, October 16th:

  • Period 1: 8:30 - 9:15 a.m. 

  • Period 2: 9:30 - 10:15 a.m. 

  • Period 3: 10:30 - 11:15 a.m. 

  • Period 4: 11:30 a.m. - 12:15 p.m.

The HCPSS 2020-2021 calendar includes four scheduled 3-hour early dismissal days:

  • Friday, October 16, 2020

  • Friday, November 6, 2020

  • Monday, November 23, 2020

  • Tuesday, November 24, 2020

Please take note that the virtual schedules have been adjusted for these scheduled early dismissal days to provide students with synchronous learning for each class. The support sessions, however, will not be offered on early dismissal days.  Visit the HCPSS website for more information regarding middle school schedules.




  • MAP Testing- Save the Date
  • Recovery of Learning Packets
  • Face-to-Face Supports to Small Groups of Students

MAP Testing- Save the Date

On Wednesday October 7 and 14, students in grades 2-8 will take the Measured Academic Progress (MAP) assessment. The data from the MAP assessment will help schools and teachers measure where your child is starting the year academically. The HCPSS intends to also give the assessment in winter and spring to measure how your child’s learning is progressing throughout the year. The MAP test does not affect grades and the difficulty adjusts depending on how your child responds. It is normal for students to only answer about half the questions correctly.  To learn more about the MAP assessment, please visit the NWEA Website at

The Reading test will be offered on October 7 at 9 am.  The Math test will be offered on October 14 at 9am.  If your child is unable to attend, makeup testing will be offered during asynchronous learning times. Teachers will share Google Meet information and your child’s testing group as we get closer to the Oct 7th date.

Frequently Asked Questions:

Question: My child does not have Math/ELA until second semester. Will my child still take this assessment?

Answer: Yes.

Question: My child is in 8th grade GT English. Will my child take the MAP Reading assessment?

Answer: No. All students in 6th and 7th grade will take the assessment, and some students in 8th grade will take the assessment. Your child’s teachers will communicate through Canvas if your child is taking the assessment.

Question: My child is in a high school math course. Will my child take the MAP Math assessment?

Answer: No. Students enrolled in Algebra, Geometry, or higher-level math classes will not take the MAP assessment.

Please contact Assistant Principal Tiffany Carmean if you have questions at


Recovery of Learning Packets

If your student has a learning packet to submit based on an Incomplete grade assigned in the spring, packets are due by September 30th in order to receive credit for the quarter.

Once a packet is complete, you will need to:

1. Submit completed packet:

  • By mail to ROL Return: Board of Education, 10910 Clarksville Pike, Ellicott City, MD 21042
  • Drop off in the “ROL Return” box at the Board of Education (10910 Clarksville Pike, Ellicott City, MD 21042)
  • Scan and Email to

2. Confirm submission of the packet(s) by completing this google form.

If you are unable to complete the google form online, please call to confirm your packet submission and leave a message at the following number: 410-313-1526.

  • If you prefer to have support for the google form submission in your language, you can call our HCPSS Call Center phone numbers:
    • Spanish - 410-313-1591
    • Korean - 410-313-1592
    • Chinese - 410-313-5920

You will be notified via email when your child’s packet is received and reviewed. If all necessary components are completed, your child’s quarter 4 report card will be updated to reflect a “P” for passing the subject areas completed, as appropriate. When the update is complete, it will be viewable in Synergy.

Face-to-Face Supports to Small Groups of Students

In the coming weeks, HCPSS will begin providing face-to-face support to small groups of students. Identified students and staff have been invited to complete an interest survey.  If you did not receive a survey, it is because your child has not yet been identified for in-person support.  

All students who receive special education services will receive an email with directions to complete a survey.  If your child receives special education services, and you have not received an email by Friday, September 25, then please reach out to Ann Scholz ( from the Office of Special Education Compliance, Non-Public Services, and Family Support.  More information about the HCPSS In-Person Support initiative can be found here: 



Back to School Night


Our Back to School Night is this Thursday, September 17th. We hope you can join us in spending an evening as a Burleigh student. You’ll have the opportunity to visit each of your child’s classes, see how teachers are using Canvas, our virtual platform, to provide instruction and communicate with students, and learn more about our school programming. 


Our schedule of events:


5:45-6:30 Optional: GT Parent Information Night BMMSGTInfo
6:30-6:40 6th Grade Parent Google Meet With Burleigh Administration BMMS6Meet
6:45-6:55   Period 1 Class See your child’s Canvas Calendar for Google Meet code.
7:00-7:10 Period 2 Class See your child’s Canvas Calendar for Google Meet code.
7:15-7:25 Period 3 Class See your child’s Canvas Calendar for Google Meet code.


Period 4 Class See your child’s Canvas Calendar for Google Meet code.
7:45-7:55 7th Grade Parent Google Meet with Burleigh Administration BMMS7Meet
8:00-8:10 8th Grade Parent Google Meet With Burleigh Administration BMMS8Meet



What you can expect:

This year our virtual Back to School night is a family event! We want to extend the invite to parents, guardians, and their children enrolled at BMMS. You’ll be able to sit with your child, log on to their Canvas account, and walk through their schedule. Teachers will provide a guided overview of their course curriculum, and of the Canvas layout for the class. You’ll learn:

  • About the weekly flow of class learning and assignments

  • Where to find assignments for class

  • How to turn in work

  • How to access Google Meet codes

  • How teachers communicate whole class information, and how they’ll communicate with individual students

  • How to use the support periods for each class

  • How students will be graded and assessed in class

Finally, you’ll have an opportunity to submit questions after each class, and we’ll work on getting you answers to any questions you still have.


Please note that you must be logged onto your child’s Canvas account to access Back to School Night. If your child won't be able to attend with you, please be sure to log-on with their password.




Absence notes for full or partial day absences from virtual classes should be emailed to


Materials Return


Do you still have items that belong to Burleigh Manor Middle School? We’d love to collect them! Starting on Tuesday, September 15, we will have a rubbermaid container outside of our main entrance from the hours of 8 am to 3 pm. Please drop off any items for our school in that box during those hours. 


Materials Pick Up


Did you miss our textbook and materials pick up date? During the hours of 8-3pm, this Thursday and Friday, we can provide you with your materials. Please come to school, and call the front office. We will find your materials and bring them to your car. 

Please note: not all students have materials for this Semester. All families who have items to pick up have been contacted via email. If you didn’t receive a personalized email, you don’t have items to pick up.






BMMS News and Updates 8/28/20

Please note that new information is bold. 

  • Virtual Learning Update
  • Family File
  • Student Schedules
  • Course Offerings Update
  • Chromebook Distribution
  • Yearbook Update
  • Free and Reduced Meals Program
  • Vaccine Clinics


Virtual Learning Update


Dear Burleigh Community, 

I want to send a clear message that we are staying the course with virtual instruction this fall. This message is a follow-up to the statement that Dr. Martirano sent to our community last night, following the press conference by the Governor and State Superintendent. I want to assure you that, as previously announced, Howard County public schools will hold a virtual first semester. Careful plans are in place to ensure that every student will have a robust learning experience that is centered on live, teacher-led virtual instruction.  

School staff returned to work on Tuesday, August 25, and have been taking part in intensive professional learning to prepare to welcome students back on Tuesday, September 8. Plans are being finalized to bring some students into school buildings in small groups to receive in-person support, and details of those plans will be shared with you as soon as possible.  

On October 22, the Superintendent and Board of Education will begin to evaluate plans for the second semester, and that discussion will be informed by our experiences during the initial weeks of school, the status of the pandemic at that time, and further guidance from the state and Howard County Health Department.  

As you know, the conditions related to the pandemic are rapidly evolving, and I realize this can be a confusing time. I appreciate your patience and understanding as we all work together to ensure students have a safe and productive learning experience. Please be assured that school system leaders continue to hold the well-being of our children and staff members as the highest priority, and we are all looking forward eagerly to the day when we can welcome our students back to school in person. 



Mikaela Lidgard
Burleigh Manor Middle School


Student Schedules


Student schedules will be published Tuesday, September 1, 2020, in Synergy. Students will be able to view their schedules in Canvas on Saturday, September 5. To view the schedule in Synergy, please visit HCPSS Connect, click the blue HCPSS Connect Login button, and enter your username and password.  It is important to note that this schedule is subject to change as we finalize our schedules for all students. 

As a reminder, a sample student schedule, along with lots of information about the HCPSS virtual learning plan, can be found

Assistance in navigating Synergy is available via the web at:

Please note that due to scheduling constraints, we are not able to honor any requests for specific related arts classes, periods, or teachers. If you notice an error with the schedule, please contact your child’s counselor:


Last Names A-H: Maggie Jones


Last Names I-P: Melissa Morton
Last Names Q-Z: Linda Lucas-Zacharias

Course Offerings Update

You may notice a few new courses in your child’s schedule.  


  • 21st Century Learning Seminar: This course introduces students to brain development and supports the strengthening of executive functioning skills. Students explore learning digitally with lessons about organizing digital space, using email functions, and working in Google drive. It also develops study skills such as mnemonics, note taking and graphic organizers. This course also includes a module about respecting others and anti-bullying.
  • Academic Seminar is a semester-long class that will develop study skills, organizational strategies, and will also offer additional academic support based on individual student needs.  

Chromebook Distribution

As a reminder, HCPSS is working toward a 1:1 student-to-device ratio in grades pre-K to 12, and will provide a Chromebook to all elementary and middle school students within the first quarter. While additional devices are being procured, HCPSS will provide middle and high school students devices upon request, prioritized based on students’ access to personal devices meeting the minimum requirements.

We have received a large number of requests for devices at this time. If you requested a Chromebook prior to August 21st, please be on the lookout for an email regarding your request and distribution.

For more information on devices, including minimum device requirements, please visit the website.


The Yearbooks are Here!

We are excited to announce that our Yearbooks have arrived!  They look fantastic, and we are so proud of our Yearbook students! A huge thank you to the Petrlik family who worked extensively with Lifetouch this Summer to get us our yearbooks. 

Current 9th grade families, please save the date! We are working on a distribution plan for the afternoon of Friday, September 4th. 

Current 7th and 8th grade families, we will be distributing yearbooks with our start of school materials distribution. Stay tuned for more!  


Free and Reduced Meals Program

The coronavirus pandemic is causing a lot of hardship for many of our friends and neighbors. Many HCPSS families have been impacted financially by the pandemic, and may be eligible now to receive benefits through the Free and Reduced Price Meals (FARMs) program. Qualifying families can take advantage of a wide range of additional resources and discounts, including waived testing fees, college application fees, tuition, internet, and more.

Click here to learn more or to apply


Vaccine Clinics

Free vaccine clinics will be held at several HCPSS school locations during the week of September 21 from 4–6pm.

Parents/guardians may make appointments at any of these locations; whichever is most convenient for them. Multiple vaccines, many of which are required for school entry, will be offered. These vaccines will be provided at no cost. Upon registration, parents will be able to choose which vaccines their child needs.

Please see the vaccine clinic 20-2021.pdf  for more information.



Our school staff has been busy gearing up for the start of our 2020/2021 school year. We’re excited to reconnect with you, and with our Bobcats!

We have some important information and updates for you in the message below, including:

  • Burleigh Ambassador Opportunity
  • Family File
  • Important Dates
  • Information about Collection and Distribution of Materials
  • Link to the HCPSS Learning Plan
  • Extension of Meals Distribution
  • Free and Reduced Meals Program
  • Counselor Update
  • School Supplies and Technology
  • Chromebook Distribution Update
  • Yearbook Update


Burleigh Ambassador Program

We are excited to welcome new Bobcats to Burleigh Manor Middle School! Some of our new 7th and 8th grade Bobcats will come to us from Patapsco Middle School and others will join us from various other places as families move throughout the summertime.  We would love to help our new students and our returning students connect before the school year starts!

Please note that this program is designed for 7th and 8th grade students. Our 6th grade students come from many elementary school feeders, and we're excited to help them meet all of their fellow 6th grade Bobcats. 

If you are the parent/guardian of a returning Burleigh student who is interested in being an Ambassador, or if you are the parent/guardian of a new 7th or 8th grade student who would like to meet other students before the school year starts, please complete the form found here.


Family File

Please help us spread the word! We need all of our families to update information in family file prior to the start of the school year. We rely on this information to get in touch with parents and guardians. Information on how to update can be found at:


Save the Date

Mark your calendars!

Materials Collection at Burleigh

  • Monday 8/17 - 5 - 7 PM
  • Thursday 8/20 - 9 - 12 PM
  • Wednesday 8/26 - 1 - 4 PM

New Student Orientation 7/8th Graders

  • Thursday, September 3 from 12:45-1:45

New Student Orientation 6th Graders

  • Thursday, September 3 from 2:15-3:15

First day for Students

  • Tuesday, September 8

Back to School Night Events

  • Thursday, September 17
  • GT Parent Information at 5pm
  • BTSN at 6:30pm

Please note that some changes have been made to the HCPSS Calendar. You’ll find the adjusted calendar here.


Information about Collection and Distribution of Materials

In preparation for our school year, we are collecting all materials from the 2019/2020 school year so that we can prepare them for our current school year students. You’ll find instructions for this drop off, lists of items to look for, along with your alphabetically assigned times, on our website.

Please note: If you have an 8th grade student who took Spanish or French as a 7th grader, and will remain enrolled in the class for the upcoming school year, you should keep that textbook for use in the upcoming class.


  • Monday 8/17 - 5 - 7 PM
  • Thursday 8/20 - 9 - 12 PM
  • Wednesday 8/26 - 1 - 4 PM


HCPSS Finalized Learning Plan

Please see the HCPSS learning plan here, including copies of sample schedules.


Summer Meals Extended to Aug. 28

The free Grab-N-Go summer meals program has been extended through August 28.


Free and Reduced Meals Program

The coronavirus pandemic is causing a lot of hardship for many of our friends and neighbors. Many HCPSS families have been impacted financially by the pandemic, and may be eligible now to receive benefits through the Free and Reduced Price Meals (FARMs) program. Qualifying families can take advantage of a wide range of additional resources and discounts, including waived testing fees, college application fees, tuition, internet, and more. Click here to learn more or to apply


Counselor Update

Our school counselors for the 2020/2021 School Year are:

Last Names A-H: Maggie Jones
Last Names I-O: Melissa Morton
Last Names P-Z: Linda Lucas-Zacharias


We are excited to introduce our new counselor, Maggie Jones, who is coming to Burleigh from Long Reach High School.


School Supplies and Technology

HCPSS is working toward a 1:1 student-to-device ratio in grades pre-K to 12, and will provide a Chromebook to all elementary and middle school students within the first quarter. While additional devices are being procured, HCPSS will provide middle and high school students devices upon request, prioritized based on students’ access to personal devices meeting the minimum requirements.

For more information on devices, please visit the website.

To request a device:


School Supply List

Please find the middle school supply list here:

This year, we are using one list with the most essential items for virtual learning. This list can also be found on our website. 


Yearbook Update

Our Yearbooks are published by Lifetouch. We have been in frequent contact with the company, and they have been very open about the production line challenges they are experiencing as a result of the pandemic. At this point, they are not able to provide us with an estimated shipping date. We'll continue to share updates as we hear them.