Mon, 04/03/2017 - 8:30am

GT Educator Recognition

Congratulations to our BMMS GT Teachers that were nominated by parents and students for the GT Educator Recognition Award.  These teachers have been acknowledged for their ability to engage students through creative and differentiated instruction, promoting a challenging learning environment and reaching out to all students to support their individualized learning needs. The nominees from BMMS: Daniel Howse, Robyn Page, Brian McDonald, Sari O’Bryan, David Reck, Jacqueline Sica and Anne-Marie Lanz

National History Day 

We are very excited to announce the following students who will be representing BMMS at the National History Day State-level competition on April 29 at UMBC!

First Place in Howard County for Junior Group Performance
Candy Lightner: Taking a Stand Against Drunk Driving by Ella Boodin and Julia Littlefield

First Place in Howard County for Junior Group Website
Aung San Suu Kyi: One Voice for All Burmese by Naomi Chao and Virginia Wang

We are also so proud of our third place winners who serve as alternates for the state competition:

Third Place in Howard County for Junior Individual Exhibit Board
Linus Pauling: Taking a Stand to Abolish the Use of Nuclear Weapons by Dhruv Ram

Third Place in Howard County for Junior Group Exhibit Board
Victoria Woodhall: A Radical Leader of the Suffrage Movement by Sarah Acuri and Emma Bush

Special thanks to Joanna Wade, Barb Randolph, and Robyn Page for supporting our students through the NHD process. 

MSET Student Contest Winners 2017

Congratulations to three of our students won MSET awards for their high-quality digital work! Their work will be showcased at the Common Ground Conference in Ocean City on May 4th. 

Quinn Hancock  - 6th grader 
Aaron Chen – 8th grader
Tyler Lin  - 8th grader

Special thanks to their teachers Robyn Page, Michelle Slopek, and Kelly Farquharson.