Burleigh's NHD Winners 2016

Tue, 03/08/2016 - 3:13pm

2016 NHD Burleigh Manor Winners Advancing to Howard County NHD Competition on March 12

Individual Performance
Anirudh Saxena - The Human Genome Project: An Exploration To Define Mankind

Group Performances
Ana Cunningham and Isabella Paris – I Love Lucy: Exploring Comedy as a Workforce for Women
Sophie Chao and Navya Natarajan - Vietnam Refugees: Encounters in America

Historical Paper
Naomi Chao - The Exchanges of Zheng He: China’s Forgotten Admiral

Individual Documentary
Anthony Agans: The Lusitania: An Encounter on the Irish Sea

Group Documentary
Sanjan Pilla and others – The California Gold Rush: Encounters and

Individual Website
Ben Dimarco – Jacques Cousteau: The Pioneer of Underseas Exploration

Group Website
Mary Maciorowski, Brynn Lyons – Jane Goodall: Exploring the Lives of Chimpanzees and Impacting Science

Individual Exhibit Boards
Jake Smith – The Manhattan Project: Exploring the Power of the Atom
Kieran Luksic – Apollo 11: The First Exploration of the Moon