Extracurricular Activities 2016-2017

Fri, 09/16/2016 - 8:39am

Activities & Sponsors

Advanced Jazz Band, Matt_Dubbs@hcpss.org, W, 2:50-4:00pm (starts 10/26)

Intermediate Jazz Band, Patrick_McSwain@hcpss.org, TH, 2:50-4:00pm (starts 10/27)

It’s Academic, Anne-Marie_Lanz@hcpss.org, M, 2:50-4:00pm
8th grade Art Mural, Heidi_Praff@hcpss.org, Dates TBD (March start date)

Cricket, Todd_Petrlik@hcpss.org, Dates TBD (April start date)

Math Counts, Danielle_Hartquist@hcpss.org, W, 7:00-7:50am (10/5 start date)

Battle of the Books, Barbara_Randolph@hcpss.org

Sewing, Krista_Strawitch@hcpss.org, W, 2:50-3:50pm, (10/25 start date)

Lego Robotics, Robyn_Page@hcpss.org, T/TH, 2:50-4:00pm
Yearbook, David_Woo@hcpss.org, M/W, (start date tdb)

Homework Club, Jessica_Petrlik@hcpss.org, T/TH 2:50-4:00pm (9/20-12/6)

SIT Student Voices, Kelly_Farquharson@hcpss.org M, 2:50-4:00pm (3rd Monday each month)

Student Government (SGA), kelsea_valance@hcpss.org, T, 2:50-4:00pm