2019/2020 Course Requests

Mon, 03/04/2019 - 5:08pm

March 4, 2019


2019/2020 Course Requests


We have heard from a number of families that the automated email communication that was sent from HCPSS titled “Course Requests” may have caused some confusion. World Language requests and the results of the Course Placement Review process may not be accurate in the email you received.


We will be sending home a hard copy of an accurate Course Request Verification Letter on Wednesday with interims. This Course Request Verification Letter will include your child’s current requests for English, Social Studies, Science, Math, World Language, and Performing Arts.  Please take the time to review this Course Request Verification Letter to ensure it accurately represents the courses your child will take in the upcoming school year.


Please note the following:


English, Social Studies, Science, Math, World Language, and Performing Arts requests will be noted on the Course Request Verification Letter.


While the following will not be included in this letter, there are additional Middle School Programming requirements that will be included in students’ final schedules:

  • Students will be enrolled in PE and Health

  • Some students’ schedules will include other courses, including Art, Family and Consumer Sciences, Music, Technology Education and Innovation and Inquiry Modules. ​


English, Social Studies, Science and Math recommendations will include course placement based on your child’s current performance using instructional levels, course grades, state and local testing results, gifted and talented testing protocols, and demonstrated academic behaviors. If you, or the teacher, has submitted a Course Placement Review form within this past month, the course listed should be the course requested on that review form.


Course selection/recommendation for Performing Arts is based upon the current placement. Placement recommendations may change after the audition process this Spring.


Once you receive the Course Verification Request Letter, if you would like to request a course placement that is different from the course listed, you have the option to complete the Course Placement Review form, which will place your child in the requested classes for the upcoming school year. Examples of when this form would be used include:



  • Your child is recommended for a GT level class but does not wish to enroll in this level course for that particular subject.

  • Your child is recommended for an on-grade level class, but is passionate about and interested in the subject and wishes to tackle the more advanced content of an above grade level math class or a  GT level English, Math, Science or Social Studies.


Please note that  Course Placement Review forms are due by March 15th.


This form is available at https://www.hcpss.org/academics/course-catalogs/


If you have any questions about the middle school program of studies, please visit  https://www.hcpss.org/academics/course-catalogs/