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Gifted and Talented
Gifted & Talented Program

Goals of the Gifted & Talented Program
  • To offer a rigorous program which delivers subject content that is accelerated and enriched to advanced-level learners
  • To use instructional strategies which are modified to meet the unique needs of highly able students
  • To increase the variety and quality of student products

Gifted & Talented Program Courses — Math, Science, Social Studies, English
Curriculum and instruction in GT classes will be differentiated to meet the needs of advanced learners. Content differentiation, or what students learn, will be more in-depth, require more prior knowledge, and instruction will be faster paced. Process differentiation, or how students learn, will require that students complete more independent background reading and participate more frequently in analytical and evaluative activities. Product differentiation, or demonstrating what students have learned, will require that students complete higher level and more in-depth products to show their mastery of the curriculum. The Gifted & Talented Program offers four courses. These courses are both accelerated and enriched.  Course descriptions are avaliable at this link.  Also see this link for detailed information about the GT classes at each grade level.

Instructional Seminars
GT Instructional Seminars are designed to extend student interests beyond general exploratory experiences. Students develop a broad range of advanced-level skills in an area of chosen interest. Seminars include Book Club, Debate Film Production, and Shakespeare.

(This link will become active in September, 2013. Students will be notified on the Bobcat News; parents will be notified on HCPSS Alerts.)

Identification for Gifted & Talented Classes (Students NEW to HCPSS) — Fall, 2013
Students who are new to Howard County will be tested, if requested, when enrolled at Burleigh Manor.
The Howard County Public School System sponsors an open nomination period for students who are new to Howard County Public Schools for participation in G/T classes.

The nomination for new Howard County students period is from August 19 - September 13.

All nominations must be submitted to Mr. Lee, GT Resource Teacher, by September 13, 2013.

Please go to this link to request testing.

The Howard County Public School System has standardized identification procedures for GT class placements.  If you wish your child to be considered for a GT class next year that he or she is not currently taking, the student MUST be tested during the HCPSS testing window in January.  This is the only time testing and subsequent placement reviews will take place for current Howard County students.  

Request GT Testing (Current Students) — Winter, 2014
Any Current 6th & 7th Grade Student May Request Testing to be Considered for GT Classes during the 2014/2015 Term.
The Howard County Public School System will accept nominations to test students who are currently in 6th and 7th grades for possible participation the following year in GT classes. The nomination period is open from November 8, 2013 - December 6, 2013. Students currently enrolled in the Howard County Public School System may be tested (and subsequently may request a placement review) once each year and will not be tested outside of the January testing window.

Students NOT Currently Taking any GT Class
Parents and teachers may nominate for testing students not currently taking any GT classes.
Current G/T Students
Students currently taking a GT class in middle school maintain eligibility to take that class the following year and do not need to be retested for that class.  However, a parent or teacher may nominate a current GT student to be tested for a new GT class that he or she currently is not taking.

All nominations for testing must be submitted to Mr. Lee, GT Resource Teacher, no later than December 6, 2013.  
Testing is tentatively scheduled to take place on a date between January 23 - February 7, 2014 Students will be notified of the exact date.
Test results will be mailed from HCPSS Central Office on or about March 14, 2014.

Register your 6th or 7th grade student to take the GT test – Winter Testing

Placement Reviews Following Testing
Identification for GT classes may under certain circumstances involve a placement review. Parents of students whose GT test scores do not support placement - but who consistently use and apply advanced-level abstract thinking skills to classroom activities, projects, and tests and assessments - may request a placement review. Placement reviews may be requested only after test results have been delivered to parents. Students for whom a review is requested should give evidence in their current course, through superior work and class participation, that they use outstanding abstract reasoning skills to construct thorough and well developed responses in written assignments, projects, and discussions - over and above what is expected of on-grade-level students. A written request for a placement review must be emailed or submitted to Mr. Lee no later than March 21, 2014. No placement review requests will be accepted after March 21, 2014.

Students who are selected for GT placement will have work samples that demonstrate that they use advanced level abstract reasoning skills in the subject; that they understand at an advanced level the relationships between the concepts presented in the materials; and that in evaluating and interpreting the material, they take a position which is supported by facts and information from the text they have read.

Parents of students new to the Howard County Public School System may initiate this review in the fall after the student has been tested for participation in GT content classes.

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